Predict10 is a free to play app-based football prediction game which holds user’s personal data. All personal contact data is held confidentially on our secure database. We use personal data to support our services, communication regarding user membership, responding to complaints, for administration and accounting, for marketing and to ensure that the content and services that we offer are tailored to user’s needs and interests.

We store personal data for registered users. If a user decides to discontinue playing Predict10 and de-registers their account, we will keep the personal data on our records for a reasonable period to undertake any administrative matters in relation to the user’s account e.g. customer queries etc. Thereafter any storage or processing of personal data shall be done solely as permitted by law. In addition we will store such data where we reasonably consider that such storage is essential in the investigation and prevention of criminal activities and/or to protect the safety of our users.

We use user’s email address to send emails about information relating to the Predict10 game, including new game rounds, winners, rule changes, new competitions etc. Under GDPR, users have the right to opt out of receiving such emails by selecting the ‘unsubscribe from list’ button on the bottom of any such email received from Predict10.

Provision of personal data shall imply the user’s agreement that we may store and process sensitive personal data (including without limitation, email address and postal address) solely for the above mentioned purposes. We take appropriate measures to ensure that personal data is kept secure and is kept for only so long as is necessary for the purpose for which it is used.

We link to a variety of other sites and we display advertisements from third parties on our site. We are not responsible for the privacy policies of these sites and third party advertisers, or for the way in which information about their users is treated. In particular, unless expressly stated, we are not agents for these sites or advertisers, nor are we authorised to make representations on their behalf.